The basi block system

The BASI Block System is a complex framework which ensures that every single muscle in your body is developed while doing Pilates with Us. With an experienced instructor and high quality equipment, You will systematically work out every part of your body – from tip-toes up to your head. 


Professional Quality

BASI Equipment Systems are – without a doubt, one of the best Pilates equipments out there. Build by professionals, for professionals; BASI Systems bring infinite joy to those doing and studying the wonderful sport of Pilates. 

Cosmic Comfort

BASI Pilates Systems were build to ensure highest comfort and maximum softness. After doing Pilates on our equipment, you will, for a fact feel the right muscles working at the right times. 

Infinite Functionality

An infinite number of exercises can be done on the BASI Equipment Systems – to ensure maximum delivery and intensity when working on each of the muscle groups.